We Are The Petersons

a crazy fun family

Our Family

Four zany boys, one peppy mama, and one very thoughtful dad. We are the Petersons! We love simple adventures, God, and each other. Dad is a chiropractor and mom is a health coach, so we get more than our fair share of natural, healthy lovin’ over here in our Arizona desert home. One adventure we embark on daily is homeschool (since 2008!) and our newest adventure is having a family business and blog: www.HealthyFamilyHomeschoolFun.com (Yep! This blog right here.) Thanks for hanging out with us!

The Petersons (a poem)

Ups and downs

Smiles and frowns

Honey and spice

Sometimes we’re nice

Lotsa love

Hope up above

Together forever

We love fruit leather

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As the parents of four active boys it is our responsibility that we raise them up to be responsible adults and make a positive contribution to society. That is a general thought of parenting and one that is shared by most parents we know; however, it is a responsibly that we do not take lightly.

It is this responsibility that has influenced us to homeschool. Find out more about why we homeschool. Read more...


Jon Peterson

Dad/Chiropractor/Life Coach

Dr. Jon is the strength and foundation of the home. He finds joy in the simple things in life. A heartfelt conversation with a friend, a game of Cribbage, a kiss from his wife, hugs from his kids, and the opportunity to tell a great story.

Stephanie Peterson

Mom/Main Teacher & Health Coach

Stephanie is the heart of the home and loves to live life to the fullest. She loves to inspire and help others create a passionate and healthy life.


Big Brother/Origami Aficionado

Jonathan is a connector and leader. He loves details and researching. When he has a goal or idea, he quickly discovers how to accomplish it (with all of the details).


Big Brother Too/Tinker Thinker

Sunny is a deep thinker and feeler. He adores structure, order, and silly jokes. He is a loyal friend and binds us together.


Little Big Brother/Do It Do’r

Nephi is a dynamic self-starter. When he has a task to complete, he will quickly discover the fastest, most effective way to accomplish it. He has a huge heart and is always ready to offer a sweet smile or warm bear hug.


Little Brother/Smile Maker

Romeo is cheerful and bursting with energy. He is always ready for fun, adventure, and a giggle. He adds zest to life. He is an optimist and uplifts all those around him.