Essential Oils

We started using essential oils for the first time in 2002 for our baby’s diaper rash. We’d tried a ton of different diaper rash creams, but they were not working. We searched online and found a recipe for a diaper rash spray using olive oil and melaleuca. It worked! From then on we’ve used essential oils for many situations.

Here is a video Stephanie made followed by a list of essential oils we use as a part of our daily routine:

Note: We share our personal experiences with essential oils. We do not diagnose or cure anyone from anything. We love plants!

  1. Right when Stephanie wakes up she gets a drink of water and puts about 3 drops of citrus essential oil (wild orange, lime or lemon) into it. She sips flavored water ALL day.
  2. Next, we turn on our aroma diffuser so we can have some relaxing, happy feelings while we blog, read, and hang out. We change this up a lot for variety. Some of our favorite oils to diffuse during the day are: wild orange, peppermint, lemon, and some blends we have that help us relax and focus.
  3. Next, we make breakfast and often add orange liquid omega oils (flavored with orange essential oils) to our smoothie.
  4. We also have a protective oil blend in an “easy-to-use” roller bottle that we all pass around the table and roll onto our feet. (The feet have large pores, so feet are a great place to absorb essential oils). This may sound funny, but we feel like we hardly ever get sick because of it.
  5. We brush our teeth with tasty essential oil toothpaste.
  6. We wash our hands with essential oil hand soap or our own hand soap with essential oils added to it.
  7. We also add essential oils to our laundry soap. We use a protective blend, lemon, and other citrus oils for this. Smells great!
  8. In our shower we use essential oil soap bars, lavender or a citrus blend.
  9. We add a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or melaleuca to our shampoo and conditioner for extra scalp and hair health.
  10. When we get out of the shower we use a homemade natural deodorant with essential oils, usually melaleuca but we try different ones for variety.
  11. Stephanie uses a pretty oil blend as a light perfume. It has some beautiful scents such as rose, cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa.
  12. Jon and a few of the boys like to use a light hair gel with essential oils added to it.
  13. Throughout the day we diffuse essential oils. As stated above, we vary that as well.
  14. Jon sucks on peppermint oil breath mints through out the day, so he has fresh breath when speaking with his patients.
  15. When we go out we will use a homemade hand sanitizer using essential oils and aloe vera gel.
  16. The boys put a few drops of citrus or peppermint essential oils on the car floor after they vacuum the car carpet each week. It makes a great car freshener.
  17. In the evening, we start diffusing lavender or a relaxing lavender blend to start winding down. (Stephanie starts putting lavender oil on the boys’ feet with a lavender roller she makes. She also adds a small squirt of lotion and gives a short foot massage to all who are not too ticklish. This has been a very nice ritual to connect with each person at night.)
  18. After the boys go to sleep Stephanie enjoys her wonderful calming essential oil blend in the diffuser or places a few drops in a warm bath. This is her absolute favorite part of the day! Her citrus uplifting blend takes a close second. (To be relaxed and uplifted. Who doesn’t love that!)
  19. When we have oily skin we wash with a melaleuca essential oil face wash. If we have a zit we use a melaleuca blend roller directly on it.
  20. When we have a breathing or respiratory issue we use a respiratory blend roller over our chest and take respiratory blend capsules if it is a bigger problem.
  21. When we feel ourselves getting sick we use our protective blend roller more frequently (most often on our feet) as well as protective blend capsules, which have the powerful oregano oil in it.
  22. Whenever we experience an occasional skin issue we place a few melaleuca oil drops in a warm bath or tub of water and soak that area. If it does not clear up with one soaking we soak it 2-3 times a day.
  23. When one of us gets a bloody nose we put a little helichrysum around the bleeding nostril, then pinch the nose together while also holding a cold pack over the face around the bleeding nostril.
  24. We put lavender on cuts and bug bites.
  25. When we have any tummy or digestive issues we use a digestion blend roller over our stomach. Our kids call it tummy oil or licorice tummy (the fennel in it smells just like licorice). If this does not seem to be enough we take a digestion blend capsule.
  26. If we have a headache we use a tension blend roller or simply peppermint on our neck and temples.
  27. Stephanie loves powering up with an energizing fruit/veggie/grasses powder drink daily that also has lemon and ginger essentials oils.
  28. For monthly cramps Stephanie uses a monthly blend for women across her stomach.
  29. Whenever we have sore muscles we massage peppermint or a soothing oil blend lotion into the sore muscles.

When we have a symptom we are not comfortable with we look it up in an essential oil reference book or search online to see what others are doing. We also enjoy making recipes, crafts and gifts with essential oils. You can make so many things with essential oils. It is a natural DIY playground. Bath salts, room sprays, lip balm, hair de-tanglers, perfumes, sugar scrubs, food recipes, special aroma blends, scented pendants and satchels. If you can dream it up you can make it!

We feel very prepared with our essential oils. We feel in control of our health. We rarely get sick, and we seem to always have an oil for every situation, whether it be physical or emotional. We also feel very pampered every time we can enjoy a nice calming or elevating aroma.

We gradually became more comfortable using essential oils. It was not overnight for us. We started with just one and continued to increase our use of essential oils. As you experience the oils you start to see how effective they are. We actually keep our essential oils on a tray in the kitchen now, so they are always there for regular use. We feel great that our kids are learning how to care for their bodies naturally too.

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Stephanie and Dr. Jon Peterson, D. C.