Exercise and Health For Homeschool Families

By Stephanie

I am a health coach and my husband Jon is a chiropractor, so health is an important subject in our family. We do not look like fitness models and we do not eat a purely nutritious diet. (Yes, we eat treats!) We do strive to live an overall healthy lifestyle.

When you have a family- healthy living can get tricky. Parenting and caring for a family is already a large job in itself. Now add in healthy eating, proper nutrition, and exercise and you have a lot going on. We understand! 

I am in the trenches, struggling every day just like you. I will tell you right now that healthy living is a balancing act, and you will never know 100% if you are doing it exactly right. ​(Sounds like parenting in general right?) 

Get excited! I have created a really helpful and flexible tool for creating and living a healthy lifestyle as an individual and as a family. It is titled the 52 NEW YOU program.

I created the 52 NEW YOU program in 2002 after I had my first baby. I needed a way to prioritize my health while having a busy life. 52 NEW YOU is a flexible program that outlines six important points we need to focus on each day to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Here they are:

N- Nutrition (Focus on real and unprocessed food for at least 80% of your food. Try for more as you get used to real food.)

E- Exercise (Move each day, even if it is just a walk in place – in front of the TV!)

W- Water (Focus on keeping water as your main beverage AND getting enough of it!)

Y- You (Find what is right for you- not everyone else. Individualize your life and health to fit you. No comparing allowed!)

O- Order (Create order in your experience to open up free time, peace and healing. Get organized! Calendars, menus and lists are powerful tools.)

U- Unwind (Take time daily to relax, meditate, play, create, work on a hobby and to “just be.”)

So why the 52? There are 52 weeks in a year, and I truly feel that if you commit to living a NEW YOU life all year long that you will see real and lasting changes in your body and life. The 52 NEW YOU program requires no perfection. In fact - it requires that you accept that you are NOT perfect, because perfection is humanly impossible. (Just in case you didn't know that already.) 52 NEW YOU focuses on creating a healthy, new you! If you want free printables and more family health tips then check out my health coach website www.52NEWYOU.com 

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Family Health Coach Stephanie