Happy New Year – The Beginning

By Jon and Stephanie

This past year has been a very blessed year. When I stop and think about each year, I mean really reflect on it, I would probably conclude that each year is a blessed year. But this last year has had fewer challenges and greater achievements than others and for that I am grateful…which brings me to the reason for this blog…

The name of our blog really tells you what the intention of our blog is -to be a healthy family while enjoying homeschool fun. What it doesn’t say is that we, as a family, want to influence others to have healthy families. And for those that are homeschoolers – we want to share some of our fun ideas and experiences as we walk through our homeschool journey. In this journey our family has identified some challenges and desires that we would like to tackle and the plan is to invite you to share in the journey, even take it with us.

Challenges and Desires:

  • Having more time with Dad (or Mom).
  • Creating more income to be able to have more adventures.
  • Discussing easy health solutions for families.
  • Choosing homeschool education and curriculum.
  • Raising resilient, intelligent, and values-driven children.
  • Creating a successful family business.
  • Strengthening relationships.
  • Nurturing and honoring individualism and teamwork.
  • Providing service and giving back.
  • Attracting like-minded people and families for a synergistic community.

Tying It All Together

We have several loves in life: each other, our four sons, natural health, homeschooling, reading, learning, interacting with people, blogging, and our essential oils business.

This blog ties all of our favorite things into a nice happy bundle.

Welcome to HealthyFamilyHomeschoolFun.com

Dr. Jon and Stephanie