How to Homeschool in Alabama and Alabama Homeschool Laws

By Dr. Jon

State laws change from time to time and though we try to keep the laws up-to-date at all times please check with the department of education for any changes that may have occurred.

Feel appreciated for your choice to homeschool in Alabama. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to start homeschooling in Alabama. We hope that you will find it insightful and a helpful reservoir of all that you might need to get informed concerning Alabama homeschool requirements. Keep reading to get a perfect grip of what it takes to succeed in the endeavor to get your kid off and running. You’ll also find the answers to your most puzzling questions that you haven’t come across a solution or at least a reliable one. Use the infographic and video below to create a homeschool that thrives.

Homeschool in Alabama

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Homeschool in Alabama

Alabama experiences an average temperature of 64 degrees annually with summers being the dog days experiencing over 89 degrees in various parts. However, there is a considerable variation depending on your location within the state. A close check on the different aspects of the climate will personalize your search for homeschooling friendliness regarding the environment. Alabama has a repute as one of the friendliest States to homeschooling.

The Southern part of Alabama experiences a lot of weather changes which makes field trips a lot educative while homeschooling in Alabama. The study makes knowledge acquired more of practical than theoretical. Wonders of nature such as thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, and hail get reported more frequently annually than in any other state. Therefore, it is recommendable to take safety measures during the field trips because some deaths have occurred beforehand due to the constant extreme weather conditions. As such, while homeschooling you gain a lot from the frontiers of weather exploration. Other outdoor activities like sports may get limited, however.

The Northern part of Alabama and it’s Southeastern regions alike do experience mild winters with temperatures as low as 39 degrees in January. It also has a close association with the Yellowhammer bird whose plumage has Alabama nicknamed after it because of the yellow and gray uniforms in which soldiers fought in during the Civil War. The Anniston Museum of Natural History is a place worth a visit by your children among other worthy destinations. Outdoor activities are worth it in the whole of Alabama state. Homeschooling incorporates perfectly well with Alabama’s natural environment.

Alabama homeschool laws

How to start homeschooling in Alabama is to begin when your child is between 6-17 years old. Once your kid is of the requisite age, you have to enroll them in a church school or hire a certified teacher as per the private tutor law since Alabama homeschool law does not exist. Rather, we have the church-school law and private tutor law that regulates homeschooling throughout the state. Nevertheless, homeschooling is completely legal in the entire United States. Submission of a church-school admission form to the Board of Education is mandatory. Failure to submit the required forms might warrant a truancy officer to follow up. However, once you’ve fulfilled the requirement, there’s no point worrying about that.

After enrollment with a church-school, which is a core requirement, you can opt for an online program provided it is in line with the valid syllabus.

To homeschool your child under the church-school law, you do not have to be a certified tutor. All you need is the ability to meet their education needs sufficiently in perfect understanding of their reactions to different learning circumstances. However, the personal tutor law requires the hired tutor to be certified and their instruction level matching that of an instructor at a public institution

Under the church school curriculum, there is no specified number of hours of tutoring whereas under the personal tutor law the kid should be instructed for at least three working hours a day for 140 days of the year.

In both curriculum's, assessment tests are not required. The state law does not dictate on that.

A DHR officer might occasionally pay a random visit. Although they have nothing to do with homeschooling, they ensure there is absolutely no abuse against a child’s rights.

Extra services

Homeschooled children are free to participate in sports and other co-curricular activities in a private/public school. However, this does not guarantee them to place on the school team.

While homeschooling, one can enroll to part-time learning in a public/private school depending on the decision of the school district. The school is free to admit you or decline your wish as there is no state law governing such decisions.

If you later decide your child can join a public/private school upon submission of a transcript from a church-school. The kid may or may not have to get tested for grade placement. It depends on the preference of the school you wish your child to join. Some schools may demand past testing samples for the ascertainment of quality. No law to dictate what a school should require is in place. It is vital to esquire about the requirements of the particular institution of your choice.

It is essential to get informed that it is impossible to enroll yourself in two different church-schools concurrently. Once you’ve enrolled in another school, you legally cease to be a member of your former school. Homeschooling is great in Alabama if you comply with their simple regulations, which you definitely can.

AL homeschool grade – B

Alabama attains an impressive grade B regarding homeschooling. With a simple church-school law and personal tutor law being the only homeschooling laws in Alabama, every bit of the experience flows smoothly making it worthy to pursue. Compliance with their regulations is pretty easy, and their requirements are easily attainable. Truancy officers can only pay a random visit in the event of a failure to submit the requisite admission forms. Homeschooling in Alabama is such an extraordinary opportunity to have.


Alabama homeschooling is as easy as A, B, C. All you need is two weeks before enrollment you need to  fill out a Registration Form and submit it to the Board of Education Superintendent. To ensure your homeschooling is legal, enrollment to a church-school within Alabama is mandatory. Church law is applicable since there is no homeschool law in place to regulate such. After homeschooling, one can safely join a public/private school by engaging in a test or submitting enough work samples for grade placement. Church schools should not keep one’s former school records. You can use the following resources for more motivation and guidance on your homeschooling journey and better understanding of Alabama homeschool requirements:

Resources - The best site I can vouch for because of how it covers all your homeschooling needs. From the church-school law and personal tutor law to the requirements, it explains everything succinctly. - it shares past homeschooling experiences with the aim of motivating beginners to join the course.

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