How to Homeschool in Texas and Texas Homeschool Laws

By Dr. Jon

State laws change from time to time and though we try to keep the laws up-to-date at all times please check with the department of education for any changes that may have occurred.

You live in Texas and you’re considering educating your child at home, or perhaps you plan to move to Texas and want to continue offering your children the best home-based education; if you want to know how to start homeschooling in Texas, you’ve come to the right place! Read on and you’ll find specific details related to home school option in Texas, Texas homeschooling laws and, to make sure you’ll be informed all the way, a selection of the best Texas-related homeschooling websites and an infographic and video to help you create a homeschool that thrives.

How to Homeschool in Texas

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The Lone Star State

One of the most famous US states, Texas has plenty of educational opportunities for all academic interests – from wildlife to technology, you’ve got plenty to explore in the beautiful Lone Star State.

Nature and wildlife lovers will love the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, in Fredericksburg, the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, in Canyon, the Longhorn Cavern State Park and the Inks Lake State Park, both in Burnet. From deserts to mountain, you’ve really got lots of different landscapes to explore and admire.

Art fans will have a great time in Texas’ many art museums and galleries. The Kimbell Art Museum, in Fort Worth, the Museum of Fine Arts, in Houston, and the McNay Art Museum, in San Antonio, are just three of the splendid art museums you can find in Texas.

Texas is famous for NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, in Houston, but that’s not the only place science buffs will love visiting. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a great place for biology lovers, and the Texas Air & Space Museum is perfect for airplane and space enthusiasts.

Homeschooling in Texas: Requirements

When it comes to homeschooling in Texas, the laws are really the last thing you should worry about. In fact, for any local homeschool, the Texas laws are so non-restrictive, that it’s almost pointless to even have a section on them.

There are only a few states that boast a homeschooling legal system as permissive as that of Texas. There’s virtually nothing that’s legally required that you wouldn’t do otherwise – as you’ll see, in fact, there’s hardly any requirement that you have to meet. The homeschooling laws in Texas are extremely permissive.

In fact, the only homeschool requirements in Texas are that you should offer your children instruction in reading, spelling, grammar, math, and good citizenship.

Other than that, there’s nothing you have to worry about. You don’t have to file a notice of intent, and there are no qualifications, bookkeeping or assessment requirements, and there’s no minimum amount of instruction time that you need to provide to your children.

Part-time enrollment in the local public school, taking part in extracurricular activities, and benefiting from public school special needs services are all available under the current homeschool laws in Texas.

Homeschool Friendliness Grade

Texas homeschool requirements are really permissive, and the educational opportunities are pretty varied, so there’s no other grade but A for Texas. You’ve got the freedom to go about homeschooling your children whichever way you feel best suits them, without having to worry about the Texas laws on homeschooling.

Apart from that, you won’t have to deal with much interference from the government – all in all, Texas is extremely homeschool-friendly.


Texas is one of the most homeschool-friendly states, and it’s also got great educational opportunities for all kinds of students. That aside, the homeschooling community is diverse and friendly, and finding tips and resources shouldn’t be a problem.

If you want to homeschool in Texas, starting today shouldn’t be too difficult – the requirements for homeschooling in Texas are easy to manage, so there’s nothing between you and your homeschooling dream. If you do it right, your children will love you, and you’ll soon find you family bonding more than ever.

For any questions on how to homeschool your child in Texas, or any information about the Texas homeschool laws, get in touch with a local support group, and don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always here to help you.


Here’s a selection of websites that will help you with homeschooling in TX: - this is a Texas homeschooling coalition keeping you informed and connected to all things homeschool – from curriculum to local homeschooling groups - the Family Educators' Alliance of South Texas is a great place to find resources, events, book swaps, and hands-on help on how to start homeschooling in Texas - this homeschooling group serving families in North Texas is a great place to get connected with fellow homeschoolers, find out more about how to homeschool in Texas, get informed on the TX homeschool laws, and find a local homeschooling support group

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