How to Start Homeschooling in NYC – What You Need to Know

By Dr. Jon

State laws change from time to time and though we try to keep the laws up-to-date at all times please check with the department of education for any changes that may have occurred.

There are many reasons to seriously consider homeschooling: you’re in control of what your children are learning, you get to decide how much time you want to spend on different subjects, you can adapt the material to suit your children’s needs, and you don’t have to worry about your children dealing with schoolyard bullies.

Whether you’ve already made this decision or you just plan to, we’re here to show you how to homeschool in New York. We’ll help you make full use of the educational potential of New York, we’ll let you in on the NYS homeschool regulations, and offer you a diverse range of useful online homeschool resources that will guarantee your homeschooling success. Use the infographic and video below to create a homeschool that thrives.

How to Start Homeschooling in NYC

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The Empire State

Home to America’s most populous city, the state of New York is a great place to be if you’re considering homeschooling. One of the most exciting states when it comes to culture, arts and economy, New York is a global landmark of progress and civilization – and you’re lucky enough to have it all right at your doorstep!

If you’re into nature and beautiful landscapes, New York has it all. The world-famous Niagara Falls offers one of the East Coast’s greatest view, and the Watkins Glen State Park gives you the chance to take a pleasurable hike with your family. If your children love plants, they’ll enjoy walking through the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden, home to some of the most impressive flora of the United States.

History and the arts are well represented in New York, too. You’ve got everything, from early American history at the Farmer’s Museum, to contemporary history, at The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Art-loving children will love gazing at the exhibits in The Hyde Collection Art Museum and Historic Home, and the colorful glass work at the Hudson Beach Glass will impress even the most reluctant of your little learners.

All in all, New York has it all – all you have to do is start homeschooling in New York State today!

New York Homeschool Laws

NY homeschooling isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The state of New York wants to make sure you’ll be offering only the very best education to your children, so there’s going to be some considerable amount of paper work that you’ll have to put it. Not to worry, though – everything’s ultimately to your own benefit.

The first thing you’ll about how to homeschool in NYC is to file a notice of intent by July 1 of each school year, or within 14 days after you begin homeschooling, if you do so after the aforementioned date. Once you do that, you’ll receive an Individualized Home Instruction Program form for each child, that you’ll have to fill in and send back. You can find out more about the specifics here.

New York State homeschooling legislation doesn’t require you to provide any formal qualifications, but you’ll have to provide the equivalent of 180 days of instruction, and you’ll have to cover the main public-school subjects – again, you can find out the specifics in the link above.

NYS homeschool requirements include compulsory attendance records and progress reports, and you’ll have to send them in to your local superintendent on a quarterly basis. You’ll also have to assess your children using standardized tests, or with the help of a teaching professional. The latter form is also known as a “written narrative”, and it can only be used in grades 1-3, or once every two years in grades 4-8.

If your children’s progress is considered inadequate, you’ll have to come up with a remedial plan, or else be reported to the social services for educational negligence.

While the requirements for homeschooling in New York may be a bit demanding, your children won’t be able to enroll as part-time students in a public school, but they will be allowed to take part in certain extracurricular activities, and they will benefit from public-school special needs services.

New York Homeschool Friendliness Grade

With all the requirements for homeschooling in NYC, there’s no grade but D for the state of New York.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you. Detailed and specific as it may be, the NY homeschool laws will ultimately turn out to be your friend, if you really want to offer your children the best education there is. And if you don’t, why bother homeschooling, anyways?

Homeschooling in NYS: Conclusion

Homeschooling in NY state will be a pleasure, if you make sure you abide by the rules. There’s a decent amount of paperwork that you’ll have to put in, but if you do it right, it’ll be a help, rather than a nuisance. Get ready to offer your children the best education possible – and do it all in the one, great Empire State! If you’re still not sure how to start homeschooling in NYC, or if you’ve got any questions related to the New York State homeschool regulations, feel free to contact us – we’re always here for you!

NYS Homeschooling: Resources

Here’s a selection of websites related to NYC homeschooling: - this website offers plenty of resources, information and meeting opportunities for homeschoolers in New York, including tips on New York State homeschool laws - the Home Learners Association of Central New York offers great opportunities to learn and socialize with fellow homeschoolers, including field trips and community learning programs - everything you need to know about NYS homeschool laws - the official HSLDA website is another great resource on New York homeschooling legal news and information

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