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Before we talk about blogging or how we can possibly work together, we want to tell you our story and how one question, which we have named the Golden Question, changed our life path. (Yes. We’re nerdy!) We would also like to invite you to ask yourself this Golden Question as well. If you like getting interactive, feel free to download this worksheet to follow along.

Ever hear this definition of insanity?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We all work to make it in this world. We need money, food, and shelter to survive. It is just a part of life. Some of us work as a team with a spouse to support our family. Some of us go out and work our 40+ hours a week. Some of us enjoy our work, and some of us don’t.

Life is uncertain. We don’t always know what tomorrow brings. But there are a few things we know will be there tomorrow and every day thereafter:

  1. Our dreams
  2. Challenges
  3. Basic Needs (food, shelter, and money)

So with this in perspective, it is wise to get pretty honest with ourselves about our life path. This is the Golden Question we asked ourselves:

“Are we on a path that will allow us to fulfill our dreams, successfully meet our challenges, and provide for our basic needs?”

How about you? How do you answer this question?


We decided that we are living out many of our dreams. We have a happy and healthy family. We have four amazing sons. We feel a lot of peace and joy each day. We also enjoy our work. However, there are a few dreams we have not been able to fulfill completely:

  1. Traveling
  2. Family visits
  3. Service
  4. Time to work on projects and write books

Although we are fulfilling a small portion of these dreams, we are not doing as much as we desire. We definitely see and feel the desire to improve in these areas of our lives.

How about you? Are you fulfilling your dreams?

Let’s move onto the next constant in our lives: challenges.


We all have them. Life does not always go smoothly. It seems that there is always something that we are working on or “dealing with” right? That is life. That is how we grow…ugh. But an important thing we ask ourselves is:

Are we prepared and ready for the challenges in life?”

We decided that in many ways we are prepared. We have a bit of savings, so we are ready for small emergencies. We work at living a healthy lifestyle, so we are mostly healthy and energetic to be able to face our challenges. We have great family and friends who would help us out if we needed it. We have insurance. We have some food and water in case of an emergency. But…

What if we lost our jobs? What if we could not get work quickly? We do not have enough savings at this point to live off of for several months. What would we do?

Also- we would like to have a little more one-on-one time with our sons to help them as they go through their personal challenges, whatever they may be (i.e. health concerns, behavior issues, extra school help, personal attention). So after taking an honest look at how prepared we are for life’s challenges, here are some goals we created:

  1. Savings to cover 6+ months of living expenses
  2. 5-10 more hours per week for working one-on-one with our kids on their challenges (and hopefully preventing more!)

So how prepared do you feel for your family’s life challenges? Would you like to be more prepared in any area?

Next, let’s take a look at our everyday needs.

Basic Needs: Food, Shelter, & Money

We all need to eat, wear clothes, and live in a home- so we all need to work. (We realize not everyone works, but we feel it makes people happier all around if they do.)

We feel that work in almost every area of life is important and valuable. Some work we get paid for and some we don’t. Both of us have done very humble work such as cleaning toilets and sweeping floors all the way to easy office work answering phones and typing on a computer. Our main work today is as homeschooling parents and health professionals (Jon is a chiropractor and Stephanie is a health coach). We like our work and it meets our basic needs and then some. We are extremely grateful for all that we have and feel very blessed. However, after looking over our life path and asking the important Golden Question, we realize that we are ready to take our lives to the next level. A recap of our goals:

  1. More travel
  2. More family visits
  3. More service
  4. Time to work on projects and write books
  5. Savings to cover 6+ months of living expenses
  6. 5-10 more hours per week for working one-on-one with kids on their challenges (and hopefully preventing more!)

Now take a look at your goals and dreams. Do you see anything in common? Now here is another really important question…

How can you achieve your goals and dreams…really?

If you are anything like us- it most often comes down to these two things:

  1. More Time
  2. More Money

If we have more free and flexible time we can do most of what we want. If we want more free time, we need to earn more money at our jobs, so we can work less.

Also, if we want more money we need to earn more money.

Pretty basic stuff right? Money is not everything. But money is a powerful tool in helping us achieve our goals and opening up time for us to fulfill our dreams. So now we go back to where we started this conversation:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

5 More Powerful Questions

  1. Are we going to keep hoping that life will somehow change for us without changing anything in our lives?
  2. Will we continue making plans (and more plans) about “someday” without doing anything new?
  3. Are we stuck in hope and planning (and more planning) without moving into action?
  4. Will we allow our insecurities, weaknesses, and other people’s opinions about us stop us from moving forward with our goals?
  5. Are we going to let our past experiences define our future experiences?

The answer- no! Not anymore. We are changing our lives. We are ready to add in a few new things, so that we can experience new results. We are stretching ourselves (and, boy, can we feel it! It is not easy. But it is a fun adventure!) We accept the reality that we need to change our actions, so that we can change our results.

New Actions = New Results!

How about you? Are you ready to create a new life experience? We hope you are. So now that we have covered a bit about why we are on a new financial path, we are going to talk about how you can possibly blog with us- if you are interested in blogging to create an income stream. Get ready to hunker down and learn all about what we do.

Blogging- How We Connect

Okay, first things first- how are you reading this? You are on our blog! Somehow you clicked here and now you are learning all about us and our personal lives and maybe we have you thinking about your own life too. We hope that is the case.

You see- we created this blog because we want to meet awesome, like-minded people around the entire world. We want to connect with others who are also excited about life and want a little more time and money for their goals and dreams too. Just like us. We created this blog as a way to grow as a family while working together. We also created it as a homeschool project, because we want to teach our kids that they can be creative and resourceful.


We want to make the world a better place, in both small and big ways. Even when all we offer on our blog is a simple homeschool tip or a healthy recipe- this blog allows us to do some good every single time someone visits. Pretty cool huh? How would you like to add some good to the world? (Even when you’re sleeping!) We hope you do. Everyone has something they can explore, discuss, or share on a blog. Each person has a great blog inside of them. Because there are people out there who are interested in what you are interested in. There are people who want to learn what you know.

There are so many types of blogs! Crafty blogs, tutorial blogs, entertainment blogs, hobby blogs, personal blogs, recipe blogs, and blogs about blogs. You, too, can create a blog! Yes- you. Creating a free blog is not likely to change your financial path that much. But creating a professional blog with a specific plan to earn money from it can change your financial path in a HUGE way. Think for a moment- what type of blog would you be interested in creating?

How to Earn Money on a Blog –

5 Proven Methods

Let’s talk about how you actually earn money from a blog. There are several ways to earn money on a blog. Here are five of them.

1. Ads (i.e. Google ads, BlogHer)

You can sign up with ad companies, such as Google, to place ads on your blog. You can get paid a percentage of each click you get on your site. The company gives you the code, and you can simply copy and paste the code into your blog. Some blogs that have tons of traffic can make pretty good money on this, although it is not easy. We have a website that gets 6,000 visitors per month, and we only get dollars per month from ads. Not much. Also- the amount of money you earn can depend on the ad type. If the ad clicked on is about real estate it may likely earn you much more money than if your blog visitor clicks on an ad for cheap toilet paper.

2. Affiliate Programs (i.e.,,)

Many websites have what is called an “affiliate program.” You usually can sign up on their site for an affiliate account. They will give you special links to put on your site, so that you get a percentage of the profits if someone goes to their site and buys something because of your blog link. Amazon gives you 4% to 8.5% of a sale, depending on the amount of sales you generate, as well as what types of sales. Some people do really well with this as well, but it is also a lot of work. You might have to generate around $2,500 worth of sales for just to earn $100 for yourself.

3. Sell Your Own Products (i.e. crafts, e-book, services)

You can sell your coaching services or make a product such as a belt or e-book of your favorite recipes. You can get a virtual shopping cart and put it on your blog. You will be in charge of the whole process. This can be a lot of work. I can see it being very rewarding. How much you earn really depends on how much you charge and how many products you sell. If you are doing an e-product, such as an e-book, you can make it more automatic than you can when you sell hard goods. This is a great way to earn money as well. To make it your primary income you may need to have an extremely large following.

4. Sell Other People’s Stuff (i.e. buy wholesale and sell it, eBay, Amazon)

You can easily buy products at wholesale prices. You can sell these products on your blog or on websites such as eBay or Amazon. Also, you can drop-ship products, which means you find a drop-shipping company that will send a product to your customer when you tell them to. The customer pays you and you pay the drop-shipping company. The amount of money you make here totally depends on the profits you make on each sale.

5. Sell Stuff or Services and Set Up Other People to Do the Same (franchise owner, network marketing).

You can sell products or services and set up others to do the same. You could start a franchise (i.e. Subway, Sport Clips, etc.) or build a network marketing business around the world. It costs about $20,000 – $100,000 to start most franchises. A network marketing company typically costs less than $100 to start. This is a significant difference in investment. This is one, among many, reasons that our family chose to start a network marketing business instead of a franchise. Jon works with the franchise The Joint as a chiropractor, but has chosen not to purchase a franchise with them at this time. We feel like a network marketing business is a better solution for creating time freedom and lifestyle flexibility. We sell essential oils and help set up others to do the same.This can be one of the smartest ways to get on a new financial path, because your finances grow exponentially and after a few years of work, your business typically continues to grow. Many of the world’s top financial experts, such as Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosaki, and Warren Buffet recommend network marketing as a viable and powerful business model.

Warren Buffett bought a network marketing company and then stated, “it was the smartest investment I ever made.”
Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki stated, “Network marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth.”

These financial experts understand the power of the network marketing business model and so do we. We have decided to use the above methods of earning money on our blog with network marketing as our primary monetization method. We sell essential oils and show other people, like you, how to do the same.

How Do We Sell Essential Oils?

We simply use the products we love and then share our experiences on our blog, videos, social media, and in our newsletters. We let people know that they can buy from us if they are interested. We may even give a few samples, so they can “try before they buy.” It seems pretty simple, and it is. It is also fulfilling to sell products that make a positive difference in people’s lives.

How Much Product Do We Need to Sell to Succeed?

Our goal is to use or sell $150 (US) worth of products per month. That is it. You read that correctly. $150 (US) per month. It is surprising how often we actually do use essential oil products. (You can read about that on our Essential Oils page.) This $150 (US) also goes towards buying essential oils to hand out as samples, which is very important. If you are mailing samples, then you will need to budget enough for that as well.

Note: If you are like most people, $150 (US) added to your monthly budget is a bit of a stretch. Get creative to find or create that extra $150 (US) to invest. You are worth it! Here are a few ideas: clean up your budget and get rid of anything you don’t use, get organized with your food budget and save some money, babysit a child during the week, pick up odd jobs, stop eating out as much, rent DVD’s instead of going to the movie theater, sell stuff you don’t use on eBay or Craigslist, trade services with neighbors, etc. Also- you may find that you are healthier with essential oils and may save money on health expenses. Remember – where there is a will, there is a way! Please do not let a simple $150 (US) stop you from creating a healthy, wealthy, new life!

As a bonus- it is always fun and meaningful for us to offer people natural solutions for everyday life. It truly is.

How Can We Create $10,000+ Per Month by Selling $150 (US) Worth of Product Per Month?

It takes time and work. We help people, like you, sign up to sell essential oils (that part is simple- you just sign up online), and then you sell or use $150 (US) worth of product per month and set up others to do the same thing. This part takes time, like all businesses. We will teach you how to create a professional blog for your business (or you can just pay someone to do it). Then you will post regularly to your blog and social sites, as well as send out weekly newsletters. This is how you will market your product and find new business partners and customers. Your blog can be about you, a specific topic, or your passion. We can’t wait to hear about your blog.

The cool thing about blogging is that you can build relationships with people all over the world. You can also work early in the morning, late at night, during lunch, or whenever you can fit it in. This will help you to be consistent with your work.

Your goal is service. Serve your blog visitors, customers, and business partners. Give them great information and resources. Just love them! Also make sure they know that they can work with you and that you love your essential oils. Give them a way to contact you. You do not need to be overbearing at all. Be your friendly-self and you will most likely attract like-minded individuals who will want to work with you.

Having a blog for people to go to will also give you a natural way to tell the people in your life about your business and health adventures.

What Does Essential Oil Business Growth Look Like?

Every business starts out small. Just as you would not expect an empty field to grow corn in one day, neither does any business grow in one day. Every logical person knows this. Just as a field of corn needs to be planted and cared for, so does your business. At the beginning, your business is in the planting and caring phase. The harvest will come as long as you continually care for your seeds. If you stop caring for your business, the growth will stop too- just like a crop of corn. So focus on the harvest and work hard. Keep your goals and dreams in sight at all times!

Now let’s talk about the harvest time. After all of that planting and nurturing- the harvest finally comes! In your essential oil business, your growth will be exponential. Exponential growth is powerful. The first time we saw the idea of exponential growth in network marketing, we did not believe it. Stephanie went to her college math professor and asked him if it was correct. He worked it out for her and said that it was indeed correct. We were deeply impressed.

We all have to work- why not learn about working smarter instead of harder? It truly is a lot of fun to help others create a healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about having an essential oils business and blog, please let us know and we will give you more information. We will also have live webinars, so be sure to let us know if you want to be invited!

 Stephanie & Dr. Jon Peterson, DC

Stephanie & Jon Peterson